The Hundred

The Hundred Cricket Series

The Hundred is a professional franchise 100-ball cricket tournament involving eight men’s and women’s teams from major cities throughout England and Wales. The tournament, which is run by the England and Wales Cricket Board, took place for the first time in July and August 2021 and was designed to attract younger audiences to watch cricket that ends at a reasonable time. The matches are scheduled to last about two and a half hours, giving young families plenty of time to watch the entire game.


Each team plays a single inning of 100 balls, with five lots of ten balls from each end, and the player with the most runs wins.

So, with the competition already underway, the focus is on the 36 men’s and women’s games, the best in English cricket with more talent being flown in from abroad. The games are being broadcasted on Sky Cricket as well as the BBC in order to reach people all over the world.

An in-house DJ provides the entertainment to bring the games to life.

Sky’s cricket channel will stream the opening matches on TikTok in order to attract new young cricket fans.

The men’s competition was the first, and the women’s competition will begin on August 11th. The final games will be held on September 3rd, bringing the total for the year to 100.

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